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Mrs. Helen Ricketts
Director of Human Resources
Phone: 229.931.8502
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All professional employees of public schools must hold a professional educator's license for the subject or grade level they teach or for the professional education assignment that they hold.  This office is here to serve our certified staff in maintaining proper professional certification.  Please contact us when you have questions regarding an upgrade, renewal or any other change in your professional certification.

Employment Separation

The HR Department staff is responsible for the issuance of separation notices to all workers leaving our employ.  In addition, we will work with the Department of Labor to resolve all employment issues pertaining to separations.

Teacher Retirement Services of Georgia (TRS)

When you are ready to enjoy your TRS benefits and begin what is hopefully a long and happy retirement, Sumter County Schools Personnel Office is here to guide you.  Contact us for information on when and how to begin your retirement process.

Youth Employment Certificates (Work Permits)

The minimum age requirement to work in Georgia is 14.  All minors age 17 and below must obtain a work permit to be employed.  This is in accordance with Child Labor Laws to ensure that our students have the necessary time to pursue their education and be employed in a safe workplace.

Any minor student may obtain a work permit from our personnel office.  The student will need to show a certified birth certificate to have a completed work permit issued.