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Name & Position Contact Info
Mrs. Margaret   Goodin
Director of School Nutrition
229-931-8546 or 229-815-9516
Email Mrs. Goodin
Mrs. Cheryl  Clemons
229-931-8523 or 229-815-6760
Email Mrs. Clemons
Mrs. Wanda  Wilson
Administrative Assistant/SNP Bookkeeper
229-931-8536 or 229-815-6080
Email Mrs. Wilson
Mrs. Diane  Monts
SCIS Cafeteria Manager
229-931-8616 or 229-815-6243
Email Mrs. Monts
Mrs. Nell  Harris Rhymes
SCPS Cafeteria Manager
229-931-8551 or 229-815-6785
Email Mrs. Rhymes
Mrs. Lorraine  Lassiter
SCES Cafeteria Manager
229-931-8552 or 229-815-6126
Email Mrs. Lassiter
Ms. Michelle   Bush
SCMS Cafeteria Manager
229-931-8617 or 229-815-6252
Email Ms. Bush
Ms. Sarah  Slappey
SC9thGA Cafeteria Manager
229-931-8550 or 229-815-6396
Email Ms. Slappey
Ms. Felecia  Thomas
ASHS Cafeteria Manager
229-931-8549 or 229-815-6818
Email Ms. Thomas
Mr. Larry  Jackson, CDM, CFPP
FCS Cafeteria Manager
229-931-8643 or 229-815-6116
Email Mr. Jackson, CDM, CFPP