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Dr. Harper shares information with Sumter Middle Students
Dr. Harper shares information with Sumter Middle Students
ANNUAL CAREER DAY AT SUMTER COUNTY MIDDLE SCHOOL INFORMS STUDENTS OF EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS Under the leadership of SCMS teacher, Mrs. Earnestine Carter, Sumter County Middle School hosted their 13th annual Career Day. Students at Sumter Middle quietly moved in four rotation groups during the morning information sessions. At over 28 sites, students learned from local information providers about legal, educational, law enforcement, financial and many services providers for citizens of Sumter County. "We had a great representation from local business and service providers in Sumter County. With our economic stress, we are trying to provide additional information to our students about possible short-term and vocational careers," said Mrs. Carter. In Mrs. Helen Bottu's classroom, Dr. Sam Harper of Harper's Animal Clinic gave a concise overview of his clinic and the veterinary profession. Since the American public spends and estimated 36 billion dollars, each year, on animal and pet care, the profession continues to increase with popularity. "Pets have several needs. Good nutrition, exercise, grooming, fresh water, routine checkups and Georgia-required vaccinations are the most important. Loving you pet is also quite important," said Dr. Harper. At the close of his delivery, Dr. Harper entertained questions. Of primary interest was the question about rabies in animals. "There is no cure for rabies. We must take every precaution to be sure that our pets are protected. In some states, a rabies vaccination is required every two years. In Georgia, because of the wild animal population, the rabies shot is required annually," continued Harper. Here, Dr. Harper shares information with student at Sumter County Middle School's Career Day.