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SCS utilizes powerful tool to communicate with parents back button

 Here, Mrs. Heather Worth, a Para Pro at Sumter Primary and parent of two students in Sumter County Schools, accesses the progressive portal to checks the status of her children during her lunch break at Sumter Primary.
Here, Mrs. Heather Worth, a Para Pro at Sumter Primary and parent of two students in Sumter County Schools, accesses the progressive portal to checks the status of her children during her lunch break at Sumter Primary.

Sumter County Schools is known in Georgia for commitment to technology
and consumer services. In the school district, there are more than
3100 computer workstations. With the increasing availability of computers
at work sites, the local library and in homes, access to information is readily available.

Technology Director of Sumter County Schools, Mr. Chris Usrey, released an updated status
of computer access to parents and the Sumter County public.

Involvement in a student's academic life opens communication between
the parent, student and school. Using the Campus Portal to review
daily attendance, behavior items and assignments aids in the student
being more active and aware of their academic success.
The Campus Portal incorporates the highest level of security. Parents
and guardians can see only information related to the students they
are authorized to view through the use of strong passwords, forced
password resets and session timeouts.

Schools create households to which the student belongs, depending on
the information provided about parent and guardian rights, living
arrangements, etc. Parents and guardians will have access only to the
links to which they have been given permission, to ensure student
Navigating the Campus Portal is easy. Once logged in, an index of
accessible information for each student is listed within the left
navigation of the screen. The parent's name will appear under the
Campus Portal header. Each student's name is listed below, with
links to their school information.

When viewing the Campus Portal for Parents, any relevant notices are
displayed in the main frame of the screen. Notices are organized by
district-wide messages or by building specific messages. In the
situation of a blended or split family, a student may be listed in two
households at different addresses and with different sibling
structures. The school can give access rights to all parents/guardians
to whom the student has a relationship or only specific rights to one
parent or guardian. This authorization structure is established when
the custodial parent or guardian informs the schools of the rights of
each parent or guardian to this information.

The Calendar link underneath a particular student's name will only
show information for that student. It displays assignments that are
due on a specific day, as well as events specific to that student and
school. This can help you track the coursework for the particular
individual student to avoid missing or late assignments. Parents may
need to know where their student is during the day, or may be curious
what classes their students are taking and when. The Class Schedule
lists the student's classes in each period and each term, along with
the time and location it meets. If a school uses a rotating day or
alternating day schedule, the day the class meets will be listed.

The Teacher Newsletter provides a way for teachers to communicate with
all course sections within Infinite Campus. This tool eliminates the
need for the teacher to print off announcements and other types of
communication. Parents and students can review the newsletter as often
as desired, increasing communication between teacher and parent and
eliminating lost messages sent from a teacher to a student's

Students who miss a lot of school may risk falling behind and doing
poorly on exams. Tracking a student's attendance is easy. Either
teachers or the building's attendance clerk enters absences and
tardy designations for each class as they occur. These absences are
posted immediately after the teacher or clerk saves the input, so the
parent can see if and when any classes are missed. If the school
subscribes to Campus Messenger or Campus Messenger with Voice, parents
may elect to be immediately contacted via email or phone when their
student is absent or tardy.

Parents wanting to know when their student is recognized for a special
accomplishment, or if they were involved in a disruptive behavior.
This option lets parents learn more about social situations, the
consequences and the remedial steps taken by the school. The parent
will see the date the behavior occurred, what happened, any activities
or consequences related to the event, and the student's role in the
event. After appropriate steps have been taken to resolve this issue,
there will be a citation explaining the details. This is a great way
for parents to keep current about their student's activities.

The Portal is available in four languages:
English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, and Chinese

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