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 Layfield`s Class
Layfield`s Class

On the soccer field at Georgia Southwestern State University, the Early College students in Mr. Steven Layfield's U.S. History class played a game of flag football to illustrate the techniques, issues, and outcomes of the Revolutionary War. Some of the students were assigned to the British team and wore red flags. The students selected to represent the British team were students that were better football players to highlight the fact that the British was a well trained military force. The colonist, wearing camouflage, consisted of many students who have never played football and a few students who do play football to illustrate the fact that most colonists were untrained in combat, but had a strong will to fight. The third group of students were the French. The French came into the game at half-time to show that they did not enter the war until later. The French presence on the field helped turn the tide as the rag tag colonist defeated the mighty British. This was a fun way to incorporate sports into the curriculum of U.S. History. Go Colonists!