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Document Uploads

Folder FTE (5 Files)
pdf file 2015 FTE Directions for Infinite Campus
xls file Environmental Code Calculator Ages 3-5
xls file Environmental Code Calculator Ages 6-21
xls file FTE Checklist
doc file FTE Form 2015
Folder Procedures Manual (2 Files)
pdf file GO-IEP Handbook and Procedure Manual.pdf
pdf file Special Education Procedures Manual
Folder Gifted (8 Files)
pdf file 2016-2017 Gifted Administrative Manual
doc file Gifted Continuation Form
pdf file Gifted Education Referral Checklist 2016
doc file Gifted Improvement Plan 2016
pdf file Parent Gifted Nomination Form (Spanish)
pdf file Parent Notification of Gifted Nomination Results (Spanish)
pdf file Parent Notification of Ineligibility (Spanish)
pdf file Parental Consent for Evaluation (Spanish)
Folder Testing (3 Files)
pdf file 2016 Accommodations Manual
doc file Accommodation Verification Form
doc file Accommodations Verification Example
Folder Section 504 (6 Files)
doc file 504 Hearing Procedures
doc file 504 Manifestation Determination
doc file 504 Monthly Report FY16
doc file 504 Plan FY16
doc file Notice of Rights for Students and Parents
doc file Procedual Safeguards
Folder Transition (2 Files)
pdf file Career Cruiser
pdf file Career Cruiser Teacher Guide
Folder Implementation Manual (2 Files)
pdf file GaDOE State Implementation Manual Part 1 2015
pdf file GaDOE State Implementation Manual Part 2 2015
Folder Psychological Referral Packets (9 Files)
pdf file Hearing Referral
pdf file Initial Referral
pdf file Initial Referral Checklist
doc file Intial Eligibility Checklist
doc file Re-evaluation referral Checklist
pdf file Referral for Psychological Evaluation
pdf file Referral for Re-Evaluation
pdf file Speech-Only Re-Evaluation Referral Checklist
pdf file Vision Screening Referral
Folder Forms (20 Files)
pdf file 10-Day Waiver Notice/Consent
pdf file Annual IEP Compliance Checklist
doc file Consent For Placement
doc file Hearing Screening For Educators
doc file IEP Checklist (if needed)
doc file IEP Meeting Note Sheet
doc file Manifestation Determination
doc file Meeting Agenda (Revised July, 2018)
doc file Monthly Class Roll Report
doc file OHI Physician
doc file Parent Contact Record
doc file PLU Form
pdf file Problem Behavior Questionnaire
doc file Projected Class Roster 2016-2017 Example
doc file Projected Class Roster 2017-2018
doc file Release of Information
doc file Conducting The Annual Review
doc file Consolidated Tab
doc file Class Schedule
doc file Vision Screening For Educators
Folder Transfer Procedures (1 Files)
doc file Transfer Procedures
Folder Parental Rights (1 Files)
doc file Parental Rights Condensed Version 2015