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Dr. Torrance Choates
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Dr. Torrance Choates

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year! To help ensure student success in this new year, it is important that parents and students understand important school policies and procedures, as well as academic and behavioral expectations.

Each school year brings many challenges and excitement filled with joys of happiness and moments of disappointments. It is my hope that each child comes home talking about how great their school is and how wonderful their teachers are this year! I encourage you to continue to ask your child or children each day to tell you about something they learned at school or maybe even about a new friend. This increases their learning rate and also makes the family stronger. Our staff works diligently night and day to ensure that your child has a first rate educational experience. As we strive to give Every child a quality education, I challenge you to be a part of this experience as well. We are becoming a standards based educational community and we invite you to be a part of this effort! As a community, we will further these goals by working together!!

Everyone associated with Sumter County Schools is dedicated to providing a safe, orderly, productive learning environment for students. You will learn more about Sumter County School’s curriculum, attendance expectations, extracurricular activities, and the student behavior code.

As the Sumter County School Superintendent and on behalf of the administration, teachers, and staff of the Sumter County School System, we would like to Thank our Board of Education for their continued support of Sumter County’s number one priority, “the students!”   I would like to take this opportunity to thank our teachers, parents, and community for making the Sumter County School System an excellent school system.   We are getting better every day in every way! The potential for Sumter County Schools to be the dynasty that it once was is astronomical. Again, it will take this entire community to come together.

Best wishes for a successful new year of learning in 2017-2018!


Dr. Torrance Choates


Sumter County Schools 

"Success is not determined by the position that one is in, but by the obstacles one has to overcome in order to succeed."-- George Washington Carver