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Mrs. Stacy Favors, twenty-three year educator, comes back home to take over as principal at Sumter County Middle School

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Mrs. Stacy Favors, twenty-three year educator, comes back home to take over as principal at Sumter County Middle School for the 2014 – 2015 school year.   Mrs. Favors started her teaching career at SCMS in 1992 and spent thirteen years as a seventh grade teacher.  While in the teacher role, she wore many hats including team leader, BETA Club sponsor, Student Government Association sponsor, Honors Committee member, Drill Team instructor, and Oral Interpretation sponsor.  In 1999 she was selected as Teacher of the Year at Sumter County Middle School. 

From classroom teacher, she transitioned into a leadership role at Americus Sumter North Campus for the 2003 – 2004 school year as Assistant Principal to Mrs. Victoria Harris.  After two years at North Campus, she and Mrs. Harris moved to Staley to take over the leadership positions.  At the time, Staley Middle School was on the statewide “needs improvement” list, and the two of them worked to have the label successfully removed from the school. 

In 2009 – 2010 she continued in her leadership role as she became principal of the Early College program offered through the high school.  At Early College, students followed a model that would prepare them to be successful in college courses.  This program was funded primarily by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. 

Mrs. Favors returned to Americus Sumter North Campus in 2010-2011 as principal and served in that capacity for four years.  During her tenure, the school was named a Georgia Reward School.  This distinction is given to schools that show substantial growth in standardized testing score over a three year period. 

As she returns to Sumter County Middle School as principal, she feels her experience in with the middle school child will allow her to move the school forward.

“In the middle school years, everything is imperfect and imbalanced which all impacts the bodies and minds of children,” said Mrs. Favors. “Middle school students are focused on life and being accepted by their peers. One needs to understand the child in order to teach them.”

 Mrs. Favors stated her three keys for successful teachers:

“First you must love what you do, second, you must be passionate about it, and third, you must instill the love for learning in children,” she said. 

Mrs. Favors credits Mrs. Victoria Harris as inspiring her as an administrator, while she believes Sumter County Middle School and the school’s former principal, Mrs. Carolyn Hamilton, helped mold her as a teacher.

“Middle school is a challenge you have to love,” Mrs. Favors said.