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Upon arrival in Americus as Superintendent of Sumter County Schools, Dr. Roy Brooks created a personal priority of listening to students and stakeholders in Sumter County and the school district. He has formed much of his program of school excellence with information received from this diverse group of citizens. He has created his own student group, the Superintendent's Student Cabinet, for input and discussion. At the February meeting of the Cabinet, Mr. Marcus Johnson, Director, Marketing and Public Relations of Phoebe Sumter, graciously planned an extensive tour of the new medical complex and a healthy brunch buffet of fresh fruit, grain muffins, juices and water, for his guests.

Students off-loaded the school bus to begin their walking tour at the first of three patient support buildings. "This medical center is planned to have the convenience of a college campus, with support buildings in close proximity of our new 183,000 square foot facility. Our hospital and more intense medical procedures and private rooms are located in the largest complex in the center of the campus. Already, this medical center has increased awareness as a "state of the art" facilities for our community. Walk with me and ask questions concerning things you do not understand," said Johnson.

All patient procedural requirements at the many different areas of the complex were visited and discusses. Visitation to the operating room
complex, the lab, the gymnasium and therapy environments began a host of questions about procedure and in-patient and out-patient services. The tour continued on all four floors of the hospital. On the fourth floor, Johnson invited students to view out the east windows and enjoy the roof top garden, which is located on the 3rd floor. At 26,000 square feet, it is the largest built for a healthcare facility in the Southeast. "You know that a flat black roof will generate increased energy costs. When these plants grow larger, they will insulate this roof and present a calming effect to patients in their private room. You can see the new Sumter County Courthouse and The Windsor Hotel in the distance. If a patient desires darkness, a remote device will close the shades and darken the room. Additionally, the patient can manage their room environment and summon assistance with this same device.

"These rooms are designed to resemble hotel rooms. We think this decor and room size work to provide a more positive experience when people
must be a patient in Phoebe Sumter," continued Johnson.

The visual intensity of the tour continued to increase as students visited the nursery, the hospital board meeting room and special needs spaces in the hospital. "Here we are in the emergency room. I remind you and want you to tell your parents that the protocol for common sickness and discomfort is the family doctor. Of course, it is a true emergency you definitely should come here or call 911. If you need to come to Phoebe Sumter for additional evaluation and service for routine sickness or ailments, your doctor will send you," reminded Mr. Johnson.

As the 31 members of the Superintendent's Cabinet began their descent to the hospital lobby, students posed more complex questions for Mr.Johnson. "That is a great question. I am proud that I can give you an answer," Mr. Johnson said. "If you have additional questions or need guided tours for your family, your church or any other group, here is my card. Call me and I will work to assure any future visitors the reason why we have so much pride in the new Phoebe Sumter Medical Center. This is also a place we want the community to be proud of, because it is all for them. We just work here, but this is without a doubt the community's hospital," said Johnson.

Here, students of the Superintendent's Student Cabinet stop to reflect on their 2-hour informational tour as they gather in the spacious hospital lobby. Mr. Johnson told the group to call (229) 924-6011 and ask for the Marketing Department or email to arrange tours.