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Even with the intense teaching and learning experiences at Cherokee Elementary School, teachers and students ponder the upcoming Christmas    season. The creative talents of the Cherokee Fine Arts Committee's latest display of a ginger bread house for the upcoming annual Christmas Parade was a perfect backdrop for sharing thoughts and desires of some students.

Choral Music Director, Mr. Mike Ryan and Creative Arts teacher, Mrs. Nora Carter, gathered five outspoken students to help with the ginger bread house and share their thoughts of Christmas.

Karounga Keita, Carol Chavez, Destiny Adams, Krisha Patel and Martin Raybon took a break from their Connections Class to talk about their young thoughts of Christmas. Karounga was first to say that the season    was a time of giving to others. "I like to give to my family and friends. We share toys, presents, flowers and cards," said Karounga. Karounga's comment about being with family and friends prompted unison    agreement from the other students. Martin spoke up to offer a fun memory of a past Christmas in his family. "We made gingerbread cookies    one year and they popped off of the pan. My dog, Princess, was the only one to enjoy those cookies," smiled Martin. "I am happy to have presents. We are lucky to have family and people in our family who like to give. It is fun," said Destiny. Krisha offered an educational comment to the discussion. She said, "I like to read with my father and mother. This is a special time for me."
After some thought, Destiny shared her belief in personal health. "I like exercise games. I like to play soccer and want others to take care of themselves," said Destiny.

With some discussion about their careers after graduation from high school, Karounga was again first to speak up. "I want to be a lawyer and deal with people," he said. The other students spoke of being a policeman, to do something with their hands and help others enjoy life.

Before the ginger bread house project, Mr. Mike Ryan, at right, encourages Karounga, Carol, Destiny, Krisha and Martin.