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Sumter County Board of Education Pledges Vision Support

 Sumter County Board Of Education Pledges Support for Statewide Vision
Sumter County Board Of Education Pledges Support for Statewide Vision



Americus, GA - On February 10, 2011, the Sumter County Board of Education pledged to support the work embedded in A Vision for Public Education: Equity and Excellence and to determine where our own school system stands in relation to these recommendations. The Vision Project and the resulting recommendations are the result a statewide initiative initiated in 2009 by the Georgia School Boards Association and the Georgia School Superintendents Association to develop a unifying vision for public education in Georgia.


"Work on these recommendations is critical now," said Superintendent, Dr. Roy Brooks. "The recommendations are well-researched and consider the opportunities we have to transform the educational experience for all of our students."


The Sumter County Board of Education and Superintendent Roy Brooks have received materials to study the plan, work with the community and seek opportunities to adopt recommendations from the plan to improve Sumter County Schools.


The Vision Project was guided by a 30-member planning team composed of 15 local school superintendents and 15 members of local boards of education from across Georgia. The planning tem represents 25 local school systems that enroll approximately 25 percent of the students in Georgia's public schools. the team's vision for its work is that "public education in Georgia will provide all children an equitable and excellent education that prepares them for college, career, and life." The plan is divided into seven education components:


  •  Early Learning and Student Success
  •  Teaching and Learning
  •  Teaching and Learning Resources
  •  Human and Organizational capital
  •  Governance, Leadership, and Accountability
  •  Culture, Climate, and Organizational Efficacy
  •   Financial Resources.


Phase 1 of the project is complete and the full report, A Vision for Public Education: Equity and Excellence, is available at


Here, Board Rooms A & B of Central Office are filled with supportive citizens at the February meeting.