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Georgia Grown Agricultural Facts

Facts on about Georgia Agricultural Products

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Georgia Grown Agricultural Facts
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Georgia Grown Ag Facts

1.       Georgia is called the ____________ state.

a.       Georgia is ranked ________ in the US in peach production

b.      There are ________ varieties of peaches

c.       Peaches are native to _______ (this country also gave us Kudzu!!)

2.       Georgia is the number one grower of what nut?

3.       What county do we live in?

4.       How many farms are there in our county?

5.       Our top 3 crop commodities are:

6.       Out top livestock commodity is:

7.       What is a commodity?

8.       ________ is the number one employer in our entire state!

9.       There is a __________ farm in every county in the state.

10.   What are other types of fruits grown in Georgia?

11.   Georgia is the number 2 grower of what type of berry?

12.   What state is the number one grower of blueberries?

13.   What is aquaculture

a.       What are some things that would be grown on an aquaculture farm?

14.   What kind of onions are grown in Georgia?

15.   What are bluejeans made from?

16.   What is a row-crop?

17.   What kind of tools do farmers use?

18.   _____________ is Georgia’s number one commodity.

19.   What is the definition of commodity?

20.   What kinds of vegetables are grown in Georgia?