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Who Wants To Be A Farmer Trivia

Trivia for Teachers to use in Classroom Activities

 What Do You Know?
What Do You Know?
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Who Wants To Be A Farmer Trivia


Who Wants to be a Georgia Farmer?

These questions can be used as a weekly trivia contest or in a trivia game setting!


1.     What is Georgia’s #1 industry? Agriculture

2.     How many calories are in one cup of blueberries? 80

3.     When are blueberries harvested? Late May to Mid-July

4.     Who is GA’s Commissioner of Agriculture? Gary W. Black

5.     What is the most popular onion variety in Georgia?   Vidalia

6.     What year was the Vidalia onion named Georgia’s official state vegetable? 1990

7.     Georgia is the nation’s largest supplier of this nut. Pecans

8.     When are the peak harvest seasons for pecans? October through December

9.     What nut is said to prevent heart disease? Pecan

10.What is the most widely crop grown in Georgia? Cotton

11.Cottonseed is also used to feed ________. Livestock

12.What city in GA is known as the watermelon capital of the world? Cordele

13.What is a male bee called? Drone

14.What fruit grows on trees and found primarily in North GA? Apples

15.What fruit travels through the Cordele State Farmer’s Market the most? Watermelon

16.What grapes are native to the south? Muscadine

17.What fruit is grown primarily in the southern region of the state around Baxley and Alma, GA? Blueberries

18.What is the science of growing apples called? Pomology

19.What fruit originated in Persia and is a great source of vitamin A and C---grown in south GA? Cantaloupe

20.Beef is a great source of this nutrient. Protein

21.What is the most popular cut of beef in the US? Ground beef

22.What is a baby chicken called? Chick

23.What city in GA is known as the “Poultry Capital of the World”? Gainesville

24.Chicken raised primarily for meat are called_________.   Broilers

25.What is the maximum amount of time perishable foods should be left at room temperature? Two hours

26.An average of ____million pounds of blueberries are grown in Georgia each year?

70 million

27.Pecans are members of the ____________ family? Hickory

28.Name three different oils that come from Georgia commodities? Soybean (Vegetable), Corn, Peanut, Canola, Sunflower & Olive

29.Watermelon is ______% water? 92%

30.Which is correct? Georgia has _______________million acres of farm land?

a.     1 million       b. 121 million                     *c. 10 million

31.Agriculture in Georgia is a ___________billion dollar industry? $77 billion


32.Georgia has led the nation in broiler production for how many years?

a. 5     b. 36     *c. 29

33.True or False: There are beef cattle in every county in Georgia? True

34.Georgia is home to approximately how many dairy cows?

a.     *80,000                     b. 26,000     c. 139,000

35.______ of your plate should be filled with fruit and vegetables? Half

36.Name 3 grains grown in Georgia. Wheat, Oats and Corn

37.How many calories are in an average sized Georgia Apple? 80 Calories

38.How many apples does it take to make one gallon of cider? 36 Apples

39.How many square feet are in an acre? 43,560

40.There are approximately __________ head of cattle in Georgia? 1 Million

41. How many stomachs does a cow have? FOUR

42. The average ear of corn has how many kernels? 400 to 600

43. What are the top 3 planted row crops in Georgia? Cotton, Peanuts and Corn

44. A typical bale of hay weighs approximately ________ pounds? 500

45. Which agriculture researcher discovered more than _________ uses for peanuts? George Washington Carver

46. What color is the peanut bloom? Yellow

47. How many pecan trees are normally planted per acre? 27

48. An average Georgia hen will lay how many eggs per year? Between 250 & 300

49. On an average day, Georgia poultry farmers produce how many hatching and edible eggs? 12 million

50. Georgia ranks __________ in the United States in fresh market vegetable production. Fourth