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Parent Information about Milk
 Nutrients in Milk
Nutrients in Milk

Outreach to Parents in Sumter County, GA

Our school meal program is dedicated to serving nutritious meals to our students every day. We work diligently with food companies to deliver high quality food for our meals. This fall, Mayfield, our milk supplier has experienced issues with their milk delivery system. Problems range from  delayed or incomplete deliveries, to some milk that is not fresh tasting. We are working with Mayfield to correct these issues. Mayfield is opening larger cold storage facilities in Macon and Tifton to maintain an adequate supply of fresh tasting milk for our students.

Our meals are designed to meet the nutritional needs of our students. School age children and teens experience rapid physical growth that increases their need for several key nutrients. It is important for students to eat healthy foods including milk, cheese and yogurt, fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains.

It’s hard to get the good nutrition you need without including milk or dairy foods with meals. Each 8 ounces glass of milk provides:

o   Bone-building minerals, including calcium, vitamin D and phosphorus

o   B vitamins (Riboflavin, Pantothenic Acid and Niacin) for energy

o   Potassium to help regulate the balance of fluids in your body

o   Protein to help build and maintain lean muscle

o   Vitamin A for a healthy immune system


We hope you will encourage your student to continue to participate in our school meal program and enjoy all the good nutrition our meals provide our students. If you have questions or concerns about our meal program, please contact:


Martha Harvey

Director of School Nutrition

Sumter County Schools

229-931-8546 or 229-815-9516