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Captain Jack, the Class Pet
Sumter County Intermediate
Cap. Jack and his class!
Cap. Jack and his class!
Posted On: Monday, October 02, 2017

With permission from Dr. Mays, Mrs. Kori Gorton applied for a grant from Pets Smart called Pets in the Class. She had to do research based on her students to find out what would be the best pet for their classroom. This grant paid for the new pet's home and most of the cost of him. The same site will allow me to apply for a grant next year to help care for the additional cost. Once she was approved, the excitement and waiting began. When their pet came, she allowed the students to vote on a name. Their choices were Captain Jack, Shakespeare, or Poe. They choose Captain Jack. Captain Jack has been a wonderful additional to their class. Students read about him and his care. Student must complete their work in order for Captain Jack to be taken around the room and be petted. Many of them save carrots (his favorite treat) from lunch that they don't eat for him. Captain Jack has also helped with behavior. Students know he is happier with a quieter environment and sometimes when a student is having a rough day they are allow to sit beside him and finish their work. Or, if a student has been really well behaved, they are allowed to sit by him and help with feeding him. He has added a lot of value to our class. Mrs. Gorton said, “We love our Cap. Jack!”


Pictured below: Mrs. Gorton’s Class and Captain Jack