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Mr. Rick Barnes
Board Member Email Mr. Rick Barnes
Mrs. Ashley Beaver
Program for Exceptional Students Email Mrs. Ashley Beaver
Ms. Gayla Braziel 229.931.8525
Federal Programs Director Email Ms. Gayla Braziel
Mrs. Rebeca Cannon 229.931.8500
Receptionist Email Mrs. Rebeca Cannon
Dr. Torrance Choates 229.931.8513
Supterintendent Email Dr. Torrance Choates
Mrs. Cheryl Clemons 229.931.8523
Nutrition Email Mrs. Cheryl Clemons
Mrs. Stacy Favors
Assessment/Federal Programs/Professional Learning Email Mrs. Stacy Favors
Mrs. Cheryl Fletcher 229.931.8517
Director of PR and Instructional Technology Lead Email Mrs. Cheryl Fletcher
Ms. Rusha Gardner 229.931.8504
Human Resources / Personnel Services Clerk Email Ms. Rusha Gardner
Dr. Donald Gilman 229-931-8500
CTAE Director Email Dr. Donald Gilman
Ms. Alice Green
Board member Email Ms. Alice  Green
Ms. Edith Green
Board Member Email Ms. Edith Green
Mrs. Hope Griggs 229.931.8506
Maintenance Secretary Email Mrs. Hope Griggs
Mrs. Lydia Gunn 229.931.8545
Benefits Manager/Payroll Asst. Email Mrs. Lydia Gunn
Mr. Mark Harnage 229.931.8539
Fleet Manager Email Mr. Mark Harnage
Ms. Melissa Harris 229.931.8527
Payroll Email Ms. Melissa  Harris
Ms. Martha L Harvey 229.931.8546
Nutrition Director Email Ms. Martha Harvey
Mr. Walter Knighton 229.931.8526
Associate Superintendent Email Mr. Walter Knighton
Mrs. Sheree McDonald 229.931.8545
Federal Programs Email Mrs. Sheree McDonald
Mrs. Natacha Merritt (229) 931-8514
Finance Director Email Mrs. Natacha Merritt
Ms. Tracy Monts 229.931.8509
Transportation Director Email Ms. Tracy Monts
Dr. Sebrina Pitts
Special Education Director Email Dr. Sebrina Pitts
Mr. Jim Reid
Board Member Email Mr. Jim Reid
Mrs. Helen Ricketts 229.931.8502
Director of Human Resources Email Mrs. Helen Ricketts
Mrs. Sylvia Roland
Board Member Email Mrs. Sylvia Roland
Mrs. Brittany Sanders
Teaching & Learning Email Mrs. Brittany Sanders
Mrs. Gia Sandwich
Administrative Assistant for Program for Exceptional Students Email Mrs. Gia  Sandwich
Ms. Carolyn Stanfield 229.931.8538
Technology / SIS Email Ms. Carolyn Stanfield
Mr. Billy Thompkins 229.931.8508
Maintenance Supervisor Email Mr. Billy Thompkins
Mr. Michael D. Wilson 229.931.8500
Technology Email Mr. Michael Wilson
Mrs. Wanda Wilson 229.931.8536
Nutrition Dept. Bookkeeper Email Mrs. Wanda  Wilson
Mrs. Andrea Wright 229.931.8513
Executive Assistant to the Superintendent Email Mrs. Andrea Wright